Wednesday, April 26, 2006

By Way of Explanation.

This is my dumb sister Emery. She's pretty yucky most of the time. Sometimes she's okay but you gotta remember, when you find yourself liking her that she's still Emery.

The things that annoy me about Emery.

1. She cries when I touch her toys.
2. She's a girl.
3. She tells Nanny Muriel when I find a sparkly in Paloma's bedroom.
4. She tells Nanny Muriel when I do a pooky in my diaper so Nanny Muriel puts me on the stupid potty.

I'm starting to get the hang of being a bloggy boy. And an alter ego. I think it's a very important job to be an alter ego. You see, Pennyoz, is the only person I can think to. Except to Pheobelou. She's my best friend even though she's a girl.

Now I'm going to see if I can down load a photo again and not lose this wonderful piece of prose.
It's going to be Phoebelou. And you can see her sister Pennylou.

Well its there but it didn't come to this spot. I thought it would. But it's taken a whole day for Pennyoz and me to work out how to get to this point. I like the format of this bloggy. And not to mention another whole day on another bloggy we are testing.

There's Phoebelou. She can think. Say hello Phoebelou.


It's dark outside. That means that Nanny Muriel will be here soon. And she'll put on the bath. And put me into it. Wash my face with a washer. I hate it when she does that. I don't know why she hates it when my nose runs. It doesn't bother me so why should it bother her. And I don't care if my mouth is dirty. I can't see it!

And then she'll tuck me into bed.

Now we just checked the preview and it's a little mixed up.

The top picture is Phoebelou. And the bottom picture is me and Emery. That's the scary Buddha in the hallway. It's down the end of the hallway in the dark part. That's a grandfather clock. I don't know why it's called a grandfather clock except that maybe it has a grandfather inside it?



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