Thursday, April 27, 2006

I know trouble when I see it.

If they think that they can convince me to go to a big toilet like Emery does then they can think again. I mean, what's wrong with a diaper? It makes sense.

It's always there. That means that a boy doesn't have to think when he needs to go. He just does.

Emery was tricked into giving up her diaper in the daytime. She still wears one to bed. But in the daytime she has to think about when she needs to go to the toilet. What does she do? She sits there thinking every second. How long until I need to go to the toilet?

I'm sorry but Avery has much more important things to think about. And then there's the flushing water. What if you fall in. Where do you go? Into the swimming pool?

And what's with the tiny room? If it's so important to go to the big toilet why make the room so small? If you are reading this and nodding then you are pretty clever. You are also asking yourself:


Crazy isn't it.


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