Thursday, October 19, 2006

Life Gets Very Tricky Doesn't It...

Hello. My name is Avery that’s Avery with an A. I am a thinking man. And this is Phoebelou. She’s a girl. But she also thinks. That’s unusual for a girl so I made her my bestest best friend.

The lady is Prudella. She’s blonde.

I’m not blonde. Have another look at me and see if you think I’m blonde.

You see in that photo that I’m not blonde.

Some people say they are having a “blonde moment”.

I haven’t had any time when I’ve seen my hair change to blonde.

But I wonder what happens if you are blonde like Prudella all the time. Do you get a black moment? Or a red moment? Or a nut-brown moment?

I asked Phoebelou but she doesn’t know because she isn’t a blonde either. See…

And so far she hasn’t had any blonde moments.

Life gets very tricky doesn’t it.


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